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Top 10 GamingMouse Pads of 2019 – A Smooth Surface Maximizes Movement

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In this article we want to explore the three most important benefits of the introduction of the mouse pads are higher speed, more precision, and the most important comfort. Also, there are a variety of mouse pads on the market today with many textured surface to fit your preference or mouse technologies.

We are going to continue our list of the top 10 Gaming Mouse Pads of 2019 the mouse design has changed a lot since the steel mouse ball design, The popular fabric-surface has been the most appreciated. When optical mice, which use image sensors to detect movement, first was introduced into the market, they required special mouse pads with optical patterns printed on them. Modern optical mice can function to an acceptable degree of accuracy on plain rubber and other surfaces. Nevertheless, some optical mouse users(heavy gamer, designers) may rather mouse pad for comfort, speed and accuracy, and to prevent wear to the desk or table surface.

So we are going to dive in to the top 10 Gaming Mouse Pads of 2019

1. Glorious PC Gaming Race Gaming Extended Mouse mat –
The ultimate gaming mouse pad

With this well-established gaming PC accessory company named Glorious PC Gaming Race. We are pleasantly surprised with the quality of their mouse mat. It might just be the best priced oversize mouse pad on the market currently. You can fit a keyboard and mouse on this pad and still have lots of space move around. It’s waterproof & machine washable, a heavy rubber surface gripping bottom, and smooth surface texture.

The logo features a bearded warrior zeus-like man with hair flowing in the wind, and bold logo lettering. Since this company is new to the market, they’ve tried really hard to make a name for themselves with great products. In the mouse mat category, they’ve succeeded.

Amazon | Price | $27.99>USD

  • I G R Overview:
  • Dimension: 36″x11″x0.12″ – Fits both mechanical keyboard and mouse! (Long/XXL size)
  • Smooth cloth surface – Optimized for fast movement while maintaining excellent SPEED and CONTROL during gaming
  • Non-slip rubber base – Provides heavy grip preventing sliding or movement of mouse pad
  • Anti-Fraying stitched frame – Greatly increases lifespan and aesthetics of mouse pad machine washable

2. Castle moat Hard Gaming Mouse Pad –
Backlit Perimeter and Logo

This Moat castle themed company called Castle. We’ve found that their products line are price and quality are competitive, if you’re looking at going for LED lighting, this is for you and this is a great option for gamer and you don’t have to drop $50+ like you would with big brands.

It features 9 lighting modes and 3 brightness modes. This micro-textured, rough surface is the best for speed and tracks well with both laser and optical mice. The 14 x 10 surface area offers plenty of moving space and the none-slip rubber base keeps it firmly placed.

Amazon | Price $24.99>USD

I G R Overview:

  • 13.5 L x 9.5 W x 0.2 H inches large oversize gaming surface
  • Choose from 9 lighting modes: red, dark blue, yellow, green, pink, white, ice blue, rainbow, and breathing
  • Optimized micro-textured gaming surface works well with all sensitivity settings
  • Plug-and-play with detachable USB cable; Switch between three brightness levels or turn off while away from keyboa
  • Non-slip rubber base ensures no slippage even throughout intense gaming sessions; Colorful ‘castle moat’ theme packaging makes an excellent gift item

3. Steelseries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad –
Peak Tracking and Stability

The QcK mouse pad is extra thick pad with a rubber base and smooth cloth surface. And you are looking for a great cloth surface for a descent price, this is one for you. This mouse pad is made specifically for fast twitch gamer of the FPS and action variety (high resolutions and low sensitivity mouse setting). The thickness is great if you are dealing with uneven surfaces (if you have an older desk for example). And you prefer soft surfaces, this is one of the best on the market.

Another really cool thing that steel series has done it has released several versions of this pad. These other four options feature breathtaking graphics. If you are the one that like to customize the steel series has you covered. The QcK mini is a slimmer version than the QcK heavy and $10 dollars less. And you can justify spending over $10 on a mouse pad the QcK is most probably your best bet. It’s nothing short of the best-selling gaming mouse pad of all time.

Amazon | Price $25.52>USD

I G R Overview:

  • The top choice of esports pros for nearly 20 years
  • Exclusive QcK micro woven cloth optimized for low and high DPI tracking movements
  • Extra thick non-slip rubber base eliminates unwanted movement
  • Ideal for most users with average desk space and mid to low DPI who want extra stability, especially on uneven surfaces

4. logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad –
Unleash the full potential

One of the best-in-class surface gaming mouse pad money can buy. Ultra-stable, with a high DPI engineered surface, the G440 gives gamer great traction performance. It has a very fresh look with a slate gray and a Logitech blue “G” etched in the bottom right. logitech offers this pad in dozens of design print options, they even feature a Jack Daniels design. The downside is it is $10 dollars more expensive than the steel series 4HD, but if you’re a big fan of the design and look; or just a Logitech fan in general, this is your option.

Amazon | Price $ 24.99>USD

I G R Overview:

  • Low surface friction for high-DPI gaming: Hard surface improves mouse and cursor control in high-speed gaming
  • Consistent surface texture: Gives you greater tracking performance and aiming precision
  • Matched to Logitech G sensors: The ideal surface, game-lab-tested to maximize Logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and performance to maximize Logitech G mouse sensor accuracy and performance
  • Stable, rigid base: Rubber base keeps the pad in place during intense gaming action
  • Durable multi-layer construction: Made to last with a hard tracking surface and strong polymer core

5.ROCCAT Allumic Double-sided Gaming Mouse pad –
Double Sided Aluminum Mouse Pad

And you are looking for a mouse pad that is something like the Vespula but want a better value, the alumic fits in quite well. ROCCAT has molded the alumic into one of the most vestal mouse pad we have come across. The Alumic has speed and control surfaces like the Vespula V2. The Alumic also has gel wrist rest that is separate from the mouse pad.

It’s wrist rest perfectly matches the shape of the mouse mat like a puzzle piece, giving the two a nice look when using it. This offering from ROCCAT allows gamer to have the best of the two in both ergonomics and surface texture. Constructed with an aluminum core, this mouse pad is built to last.

Amazon | Price $40.25>USD

I G R Overview:

  • Optimized for Speed+Control,The ROCCAT ALUMIC two surfaces have different structures, allowing both fast as well as very controlled movements
  • Anodized Aluminum Core, gives the ROCCAT ALUMIC incredible stability and protection against warping-yet it’s just 3mm thin, making it ideal for use either on the sofa or while on the move.
  • Gel Wrist Rest for extra comfort, the wrist rest offers comfort and fatigue-free enjoyment.
  • Speed + Control surface, perfect for High-sense and Low-sense gamers
  • Low-sense gamers need a super smooth surface for ultimate gliding performance and fast, sweeping mouse movements. In contrast, the granular surface is designed to meet the needs of high-sense gamers.


6.Razer Goliathus Speed and Control Mouse Mats –
Engineered to exceed the exacting demands

Razer produces the best mouse mats on the market, and I don’t think they are going anywhere in the future. The company has even taken it as far as to introduce surface calibration in their Synapse 2.0 software. Most argue that they make the best on the market so it is said, and for a good reason.

They are the pioneers of the mouse “mat” category. The Goliathus is a product of Razer’s unyielding pursuit of perfection in crafting the ultimate mouse mat. The Goliathus comes in two different editions, speed and control. Naturally, the control mat introduce a heavily textured weave while the speed mat utilizes a slick taut weave.

In general, the control mat is better for RTS gamer and the speed mat is better for action gamer. Anyway, every gamer has their own unique preference and play style. Additionally, the Goliathus mouse mat comes in four different sizes: small, medium, large, and extended so you can purchase the one that suits your gaming set-up. It has a very Razer-style with green and black graphics that is pretty cool print. And you are looking for the best than these mats for you.

Amazon | Price | $47.83>USD

I G R Overview:

  • Dimensions (W x L) : 11.57 x 36.22 -inch (294 x 920 mm) ; Thickness of all Goliathus mats is 0.12- inch (3 mm)gaming mouse
  • Heavily Textured Weave
  • Pixel-Precise Targeting and Tracking
  • Portable Cloth-Based Design
  • Anti-Fraying Stitched Frame
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Base
  • Heavily textured weave for CONTROL game play

7. ROCCAT Hiro + 3D Supremacy Surface Gaming Mouse pad – Brilliance in PerformanceIf you want a mouse pad that’s going to last a long time, then maybe you’ve burned through a couple –the Hiro might be the one to rescue you from the mouse pad woes. This pad features the most advanced surface tech we’ve seen, with fray resistance edges. Additionally, ROCCAT crafted the Hiro with a vulcanized silicon”3D” surface, a surface designed for seamless mouse movement.

ROCCAT claim that this mouse pad is a fusion of the best speed and control surface properties of the best mouse surfaces available. Whether this is correct or not, the Hiro is the most fluid slide we’ve come across yet. They went with this minimalistic design, featuring ROCCAT branding in the bottom of the right and standard black color.

Amazon | Price $49.00>USD

I G R Overview:

  • The steadiest Command platform and longest battle comfort
  • Ultra-quiet gliding and supreme tracking performance
  • Smoothed, rounded edges that won’t Fray

8. SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad – Finely Textured Surface

And you prefer hard surface over most common cloth pad the 4HD is a sharp looking, “high definition” surface. This mouse for the most part was engineered specifically with laser gaming mice in mind. Steel series talks about surface composition technology: ” The finely textured surface consists of tens of thousands of light reflecting microscopic light reflecting points, optimized to enhance the tracking capabilities of next-generation gaming mice.”

The 9HD is a bigger and better version of the 4HD if you have a gravitation towards high-stroke, long mouse glide. SteelSeries states that they developed this in parallel with their Xai Laser gaming mouse.

Amazon | Price $68.99>USD

I G R Overview:

  • High definition mouse surface
  • 4 Layer process
  • 1.1 pounds
  • 0.1 x 11.4 x 9.4 inches
  • 0.8 x 11.42 x 9.45 inches
  • Black

9. Corsair MM600 Dual Sided Aluminum Mouse Pad – Aluminum Tempered Tough Design

this is Corsair’s response to the Razer Vaspula that uses plastic, the MM600 is built with sturdy and light aluminum core. One surface is low friction the other is high control surface. So, for example, if you’re playing CS:GO you can flip to the control surface when you need a sniper’s accuracy, but then you want to change it up to the speed surface for AK-47 and M4A4. Pro gamer will want to experiment with both sides and see which is best for their game play style.

Amazon | Price $72.35>USD

I G R Overview:

  • Sturdy aluminum core: Rigid, lightweight and durable for consistent glide and long life
  • Two unique surfaces: Low-friction and high-control options to match any gaming style
  • Expert-grade tracking: Precision engineering ensures accurate tracking
  • Zero-slip rubberized corners: Designed for exceptional grip with minimal interference

10. Razer Vaspula V2 Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat –
Improved From Its Predecessor


The Vaspula features a dual-sided surface. One-side is the control side (textured) and the other side the speed side (smooth). The two distinct surfaces can be easily switched between mid-game to adjust the glide to your game play need. And you’re new to gaming mouse pads and not to sure what surface would work best for you, this is a great mouse surface solutions.

The best part is the wrist rest and you’ll love this, and you would be doing your wrist a big service. The Vaspula V2 is one of the few mouse pads that come with quality wrist rest. The mouse comes with two separate parts. Part one is its under layer fabric which is attached to the wrist rest. Part two is the dual mousing surface itself. If you don’t like the wrist rest you might want to reconsider, because this wrist rest is less obstructive than more bulky ones that are built in the mouse pads. It is flatter and the foam material conforms to your wrist nicely.

Amazon | Price $29.00>USD

I G R Overview:

  • Improved from its predecessor, the Razer
    Vespula V2 is a dual-sided mouse mat that comes with a greater surface
    area, enhanced tracking surfaces, and a larger wrist rest, so you get
    the best of versatility and comfort, all in one.
  • Featuring a larger gaming surface than its
    predecessor, the Razer Vespula V2 is optimized for even more play styles.
    Now you can execute large swift movements or multiple commands across
    the entire map without any interruptions.
  • Whether you need more stopping power for those
    head shots or more glide to pursue your opponents, each side of the
    Razer Vespula V2 is engineered to meet your specific needs.
  • Fine-tuned to your needs, the height and feel
    of the wrist rest have been improved so you get even more comfort and
    support to keep going during those intense gaming marathons


As we conclude on our take on gaming mouse pads or mouse mats, I think comfort is always at the forefront of any gamer when game time for some could be hours, and others may play 24hrs it all depends on the gamer and player gaming genre as to the performance mouse mat that would fit your personal needs, so I hope this list help guide you in your decision?

so If I can help you in any other way, or you just have a question leave comment below thanks.

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