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Laptops,Tablets, And Gaming PC’s — I. G. R. 20/20 Preview: Next Generation Gaming technology

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Video Preview Gaming Laptops Of 20/20

Next generation laptops and tablets move into new, experimental forms, while gaming PC’s amp up the power.


IGR is your gaming information superhighway, and 20/20 Isn’t looking too different. Besides new laptop designs, updated favorites, and more powerful gaming PCs, also we expect to see more components from some companies that power modern tech, such as Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.

These are some new PC’s that will be trending in the upcoming year 20/20. You can also check out top gaming laptops of 2019.

Future Technology; Flex-Screen Vs Dual-Screen

These Re-examined, Re-imagined displays aren’t just for phones anymore. We’ve seen a steady Uptick in prototype and experimental design for laptops and 2-in-1 tablets that play with the traditional clamshell in unexpected ways. Following the hype surrounding the Samsung fold and folding Motorola Razr, In the upcoming market will be unimaginable, there are some prototypes of flexible-screen laptops.

Which take a slate-like table and fold it right I half, creating a display side and an onscreen keyboard side. Less out, but probably more practical, are designed for dual for Dual-Screen laptops, where the screen splits at the hinges and doesn’t actually flex. We’ve seen extra-screen laptops like the Asus Zenbook Pro Duo, or even ones that look like two to iPad s hinged together at the side. IGR expects to see at least a few of these companies showing off a version of these, even if they’re not quite ready for retail.

20/20 is gonna be packed with new tech, ready to advance the gaming world. While things are top secret many of the details will not be available until the year 20/20, It looks like there will be plenty happening in the gaming I industry, Including new PC components, accessories and new ways to make video games more immersive with augmented reality, virtual reality and heptic technology.

We will see grand announcements from Intel, AMD, and Nvidia, which could come with the new CPU’s and GPU’s. Last year’s, Nvidia’s 2080 graphics card series for laptops generated a lot of attention on Jul 2, 2019. New gaming PC could be on the horizon from Alienware, Dell’s In-house gaming brand, HP, Asus, and others. Last year, for example, Alienware, Dell’s In-house power released the 17-inch M17 gaming laptop alongside an updated M-15 Razer also typically has some gaming surprises; last year, It unveiled the Razer blade 15 advanced laptops, and a new concept design for a high-end gaming display. So with all these upgrades 20/20 is gonna be a stellar year.

20|20 Security — Locked And Loaded Down

Business laptops are Boring by design, but one way to build an extraordinary buzz-down design is to add new security features. Nowadays, physical sidebars have replaced sticky notes over web-cams, and besides Intel-power approaches like V pro, which is a platform of hardware and firmware, V pro-technology is found in a wide variety of devices. In terms of notebooks, V pro I found that Its a thin-and-light business laptops and 2-in-1s, mobile workstations, and high-end gaming hardware. Specifically, V pro hardware is found in a devices CPU or chipset (or both), and in its wireless(and wired when available) connectivity chips. Intel’s latest V pro processor is 8th Gen Intel’s core series, which launched in April 2019.

The companies 8th Gen V pro chip provides a promise of up to 65 percent better performance than the systems 3 years before, and up to 11 hours of battery life. The CPU’s come Equipt with Intel’s new Optane memory H10, which is built to help you launch documents during big file transfers twice as fast. The latest V pro processors support WiFi 6 to allow for faster internet connections than ever. At the bare minimum, V pro requires a trusted platform module(TPM) Cryptoprocessor chip and wired or wireless Internet connectivity. We might see more ways to keep your laptop screens more private and to keep track of weren’t PC’s so they don’t magically disappear from a busy office.

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Interesting Technical Details — This Is The Year We Cared About AMD Again

Most of the PC’s had been tested and reviewed the use of Intel rather than AMD CPU, and the same is true of Nvidia on the graphics side(especially on laptops). But AMD is powering both new 20/20 living-room game consoles, the Play Station 5, and X Box Series X so there’s at least a chance that we’ll hear some interesting technical details about new gaming hardware at AMD’s annual press conference. Probably there will be some new processors and GPU’s for computers, too. AMD Navi 20 based on Radeon instinct Delayed to Q1 2020, 7nm Navi can’t reach 7nm Vega clocks, allegedly Radeon Rx Navi specifications new rumor has emerged about the upcoming new AMD Navi GPU’s which have now had been confirmed to launch in the third quarter of 2019.

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The latest rumor and speculation comes from Adore TV & points to some new development regarding AMD’s Next-generation GPU’s along with a special sheet of what is expected to come to the market later this year for gamers AMD’s Navi GPU rumors and speculation: Navi 20 flagships in 20/20 Radeon RX In Q3 2019, alleged specs of consumer lineup. So there are a couple of rumors here to talk about and we will add our own theories as to what to expect of the AMD NAVI GPU’S and how they will be positioned.

First and foremost, let’s talk about NAVI 20 GPU family. AMD’s NAVI 20, the flagship of the NAVI 20 GPU being the high-end, enthusiast-grade chips was always planned to be introduced after the mainstream NAVI line-up. This part is going to replace the Radeon Instinct M160 which is based on the 7nm Vega 20 GPU

AMD NAVI GPU is designed on the 7nm process node which is being used the new Zen 2 cores for AMD Razer and the AMD EpYc processor is that it delivers 1.6. Times the density of TS MC’s 10mm process node while offering a 20% performance improvement and a 40% reduction in power consumption. Now the latest reports on NAVI instinct had been revealed by Adore TV which mentions that the series might be delayed to QI-2020. Based on the NAVI 20 GPU IS Meant to replace the Instinct M160 which launched at the very end of 2018.

But it looks like we may get more news related to the new series a whole year later, probably at CES 20/20. AMD Introducing a high-end HP/A1 part next year, based on their new GPU architecture at the next CES 20/20. AMD NAVI 20 missing GPU clock targets, this rumor alleges; thermals and power reported very bad. One thing we saw with the Vega 20 was that while AMD improved the clock speeds by a good margin, the overall power consumption wasn’t as good as what the Industry had expected from7nm. The competition with its 12nm nodes fares much better in terms of power and efficiency number compared to 7nm based Vega 20 and that’s mostly due to the architectural side of things.

We know from the latest reports that NAVI is still built upon the GEN foundation and until that change, much of the power and efficiency numbers will remain pretty much the same but with minor clock and IPC uplifts. NAVI IS NAVI is meant to e the last GEN based GPU design y AMD and as such, should be the most optimized version of the architecture we have seen to date with multiple improvements being delivered. However, the report days the early NAVI samples are other even able to match Vega 20 clock speeds and the NAVI GPU’s which can meet the frequency targets are reported facing major thermal and power consumption issues we heard similar rumors for the Vega 10 and Vega 20 part before launched and those rumors turned out to be very close to the truth when the cards finally reached consumers.

It may be possible that AMD is trying to uplift performance by increasing frequency while sacrificing thermals and power efficiency. That’s pretty much what Radeon VII was, but this is still much too early in the game to say if that’s the truth as the cards won’t be available till next year.

Future In Design — Smarter Screens And Faster Games

Computers displays continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In some cases, high-end technology like OLED screen and HDR is driving it, or moonshot projects like HP’s 65-inch BFGD monitor. In other cases, eSports are the driver pushing a very specific set of specs, like a 240Hz refresh rate on 1,920×1, 080-pixel-resolution 24-inch screens.

But overall quality will continue to be a driver. Too, with new calibration tools and a bigger (emphasis) on delivering a creator-friendly experience. As always, gaming laptops and desktop will be a dominating force for 20/20. Without the generational shift that has been going from Nvidia Geforce 1080 to the 2080 GPU. We expect the new gaming hardware to be more on the incremental side, but don’t worry, most of it will still be expensive.


In this upcoming new year, we hope that your new year is prosperous, and all your hopes and wishes come to pass, may opportunity find you in every way. Albeit, financially or your health; we believe a healthy mind, body, and spirit. These are the three main things that you will need to protect; with diligence, at all costs, nothing else really matters, so here’s to you in the new years! At I.G.R we want to wish you Health, Wealth, and Happiness; and a Happy New Year.

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