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Best Mid-Tower Cases —Top 5 Picks For Gaming In 2019

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So if you are building a new rig you might want to check out this article, and you can also take a look at Building A Gaming Desktop Vs Buying as well a very helpful resource. So if you are looking for the best mid-tower cases for your build, then this is a rock-solid foundation, that’s because mid-tower cases feature plenty of inner space for all of your components, as well as excellent versatility and sleek designs.

In this article, we are gonna give you Best Mid-Tower Cases for you build with these premium cases you can create a performance powerhouse that can handle your favorite titles at high FPS. This article will take you through the best mid-tower cases on the market, with options from many top manufacturers today. We will also look at the tech and major benefits that come along with choosing one for your latest build. With that being said Let’s dive right in.

The best mid-tower case does not only just look dazzling beside your desktop setup. Furthermore, it provides a comfortable fit for a gaming PC, almost all come with an abundance of room for a handful of SSDs, HDDs, and your pick of the best graphics card. You’ll commonly find plenty of room for the best liquid coolers, too.

While you’ll have to look further abroad—to the best full tower cases—in order to net a truly spacious build, a mid-tower case provides a good starting point for anyone building a new PC, looking to save space, or looking to up an upgrade. There are a few things to look out for when searching for the best mid-tower PC cases. What we’re on the lookout for is the ease of component access, fan placement, and noise-reduction solutions, to start.

Food for thought. You spent a large amount of money on your graphics card or other pricey components. The absolute last thing you need is putting your part at risk with a case with compromised airflow. Or worst, one that has no appeal. The right case helps you keep your parts comfortable and a prime location.

Since not all motherboards are created equal in size, we noted these Best Mid-Tower Cases —Top 5 Picks For Gaming In 2019

1. Cooler Master Darkmirror Mid-tower Case — Inner Space For All Of Your Components


Cooler Master Darkmirror Mid-Tower Case: picture credit by Amazon

I.G.R. Snapshot: MasterBox Dimensions

MasterBox Series Size Mid Tower Available Color(s) Black Materials Steel, Plastic, Tempered Glass Dimensions (L x W x H) 496 x 217 x 469 mm Weight 6.59 kg Motherboard Support Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX*, SSI CEB*, (*support for up to 12″ x 10.7″, will limit cable management features) Expansion Slots 7 5.25″ Drive Bays N/A 2.5″ / 3.5″ Drive Bays (combo)

If aesthetics are your thing, the Cooler Master DarkMirror Case would be your optimal choice. The sleek metal frame is accented by a mirrored front panel as well as tempered glass windows on every side. With eye-popping color arrangement, this case is packed with 3 RGB LED fans with a dazzling display of color.

In terms of achievement, the DarkMirror case supports all the way up to E-ATX motherboards for maximum versatility. Combine that with an outstanding I/O panel and plenty of expandability, and you’ve got one of the best mid-tower cases on the market.

I G R Snapshot:

  • Flexible mounting: easily mount and rearrange SSDs across the motherboard tray and on the back with the SSD bracket
  • RGB Fans* – Three 120mm RGB fans are pre-installed behind the front panel to create an amazing lighting effect
  • 1 to 3 Splitter Cable for RGB LED Fans* – The RGB Connector Splitter and 4 pin male to male adapters are included
  • Compact cooling: with the included bracket, the case supports up to three 120mm front fans, one 120mm rear fan, and up to 360mm front radiator for liquid cooling
  • 4mm thick edge to edge tempered glass side panel: once you finished your build it’s time to show off your creation in style through the 4mm thick edge to edge Tempered glass side panel

2. Corsair Crystal 570X Mid-Tower Case — The Best Mid-Tower For Performance Seekers


Corsair Crystal 570X: Picture credit By Amazon


I.G.R. Snapshot: Corsair Crystal dimensions 

CORSAIR Crystal 570X RGB Mid-Tower Case, 3 RGB Fans, Tempered Glass – Black (CC-9011098-WW) by Corsair. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,673 ratings | 591 … Product Dimensions 18.89 x 20.15 x 921 inches Item Dimensions L x W x H 18.89 x 20.15 x 921 inches Color Black

If you searching for the absolute best Corsair mid-tower case on the case on the market, look no further. This steel beauty features four tempered glass panels that surround each side of the case. Look further inside and you will find vivid LED fans that twinkle and gleam. The 570X’s legendary performance is all due to its direct airflow path, major expandability, and conservative approach. The perfect mid-tower case for the performance-minded gamer.

I G R Snapshot:

  • Four tempered glass panels on the front, top, and sides of the case / Three included SP120 RGB LED fans and integrated RGB controller
  • Room for up to six case fans, and compatible with 360 millimeters, 280 millimeter, 240 millimeter, and 120-millimeter radiators / Removable fan trays in the front and top of the chassis
  • Cable routing channels with included velcro cable straps for clean cable management / Easy-access high-speed USB 3.0 front panel
  • Bright white LED-backlit CORSAIR logo on the front panel and PSU cover (removable); Case Material: Steel

3. MUSETEX ATX Mid Tower Gaming — Stylish And Neat Design for A Computer Gaming Case

MUSETEX ATX: Picture Credit By Amazon


Ok, so if your pro or it’s your first build I think you will be pleased with MUSETEX ATX Mid Tower. We’ve done our homework with this one, the fans are top-grade they do the job and they are super quiet also it does come with a hub for the RGB. Furthermore, the hub even has a double-stick pad to place whatever you want after cable management.

The MUSETEX ATX design has no sharp edges; everything is smooth and sharp, nicely packaged. The parts come with plenty of additional parts included just in case you need extra—I think 9 come pre-installed you may have to take a few out pending on how your build be. Came with a couple of zip ties and a whole bunch of extra screws and even a whole additional set of front panel wires and switches also the LEDs themselves.

The PCIe is not of bend the metal and break variety as in so many on the market, and they are simple plastic slots with a screw-on each and a shield covering screw. Ample room on the backside for cable management, and a nice basement next to the PSU to hide unused cables (semi module made is extra easy to install).

Front-panel—I feel that others on the market do not give you a reset button; the MUSETEX ATX has power, reset, and an RGB button 1USB 3 and 2 USB2 also a mic and SPK port.

I G R Snapshot:

  • REMARKABLE EXPANSION: This excellent ATX Mid Tower Gaming computer case supports motherboards up to E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX; Internal Bays:3 x 3.5 HDD’s and 3 x 2.5 SSD’s.
  • POWERFUL COOLING SYSTEM: –4*120mm RGB Dual light loop LED Fans pre-installed in this gaming computer case: 3 x front, 1 x rear; up to 360 mm long liquid-cooling radiator on the front(optional). You can change the color and mode of the light through the RGB button.
  • TEMPERED GLASS PANELS: -to level up gaming experience for users, 903N4 is equipped with 2*4mm thickness translucent Tempered Glasses in Galaxy dark, which gives you a clear view of the PC case.
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT & DUST-PROOF: –This neatly internal design of the chassis provides convenient cable management. Dust filters on top and bottom can effectively prevent dust from entering the computer case.
  • TOP I/O PANEL: –1 x USB3.0 Port,2 x USB2.0 Port,1 x HD Audio,RGB Button,Power/Reset.

4.Thermaltake V200 Glass RGB Mid-Tower Case — 16 Lighting Modes Via I/O Port RGB Light Button


Thermaltake V200: Picture Credit By Amazon

The Thermaltake V200 is a truly spectacular mid-tower PC case under $100. That’s because it’s packed fully loaded with the latest tech. including a powerful RGB LED system, a modern I/O panel, and superior hardware support. Its simple load up 5 easy-install bays and 7 expansion slots to experience unrivaled performance. It boasts 3 light-up fans, as well as tempered glass sides that give it an out of this world sci-fi look.

I G R Snapshot:

  • Light up the system: 3 Pre-installed 120 millimeter 12V motherboard Sync RGB fans (Sync with as US, Gigabyte, MSI, as rock, and BIOSTAR 12V header Mob) + 1 Black fan at the back
  • Built-in dual-mode 12V Sync controller: Control light via I/O port RGB Light button (16 LED modes/7 Color) or via 12V header RGB sync motherboard (Sync with as US, Gigabyte, MSI, as rock, and BIOSTAR 12V header Mob)
  • 16 LED modes through I/O port RGB Light button: RGB mode, single color mode (7 Colors), breath mode (7 Colors), light off 7 Colors: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, White, Purple]
  • Clear view of PC gaming: 4 millimeter thick Tempered Glass Side panel with standard mounting
  • Built-in PSU cover: Cover all your cables for a professional look combined with a window to show off your colorful power
  • Drive Bays: 3 x 2.5 inches + 2 x 3.5 inches
  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, and ATX motherboard

5. Darkflash Phantom Black ATX Mid-Tower Case — BEAUTIFUL CRAFTSMANSHIP


The Darkflash Phantom is a professional powerhouse; with six RGB cooling fans that are quite elegant, to say the least. This provides an excellent glass that looks like art, and I cannot stress this enough your eyes will be amazed once everything is together. Hands down the best-looking case you will own, and if you built other rigs in the past you will be impressed.

This build will complement any high-end software money can buy; I think when building with this glass case you may not want to go back to plastic again. FYI—while it does not have glass on all sides, it provides plenty of airflow from the frontend, and there is plenty of space between the side and front glass.

Case is quite easy to assemble, and plenty of space to accommodate; for example, if you were going to install an NZXT Kraken x62 it would be a perfect fit. The RGB fans will look amazing just keep in mind that there is not a lot of space on the back of the panel so make your cable management count. So if you a builder that pays attention to detail than this would be mid-case that will get you excited.

I.G.R. Snapshot:

  • Efficient Cooling Solution: Six pre-installed fans, including four 120 mm RGB LED Fans in the front and two 120mm Fan in the Rear provides great cooling and dynamic cyber gaming atmosphere
  • Extreme Roomy Internal Space: Room for up to a 280mm radiator in front, 120mm radiator in the rear. 3 Sided Tempered Glass. Gamers are allowed to install up to 174mm High CPU Cooler and up to 375 mm Long graphic card Installation
  • Tempered Glass Design: Three High quality 4 mm thickness tempered glass panels on the front, and sides of the case. This gorgeous computer case aims to provide the quietest level of the computer system for its users.
  • Rich Connectivity: USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2, Audio In/Out, Reset button, and Fan RGB Control, the darkFlash gaming case offers users the best convenience to their gaming system and offers the ease of use to access the PC.
    Wide Compatibility: Perfect size for ATX / Micro ATX / ITX motherboards. (Please Note: It may not fit the power supply which is larger than 160 * 150 * 86 mm)


What Is A Mid-Tower Case — Massive, Air Cooling


A mid-tower case is a chassis it is used to house the internal elements of the components of a computer. Typically, formed of plastic and steel, mid-tower cases are built to contain an array of crucial hardware. In its significance, they usually feature slots for the motherboards, drives, and various other system components. But what’s that there ‘s the most important thing about mid-tower cases, compared to other models.

Is that there many different types, or form factors, of computer cases on the market. But a mid-tower case is an excellent go-to option because it incorporates elements from smaller cases, e.g. Mini-ATX cases. while still providing an abundant amount of room to house your powerful hardware. If you like your rig with a perfect balance of convenience & performance.

Benefits Of Mid-Tower Cases

  • Exceptional performance. Mid-tower cases offer the perfect foundation for a high-powered rig that can handle the most demanding games at high FPS.
  • Upgradability. Today’s mid-tower cases feature numerous bays and updated I/O panels, ensuring great usability and plenty of room for future upgrades.
  • Affordable price point. Given their popularity in the gaming market, you’ll find the top manufacturers competing to deliver powerhouse cases at a great price.
  • Sophisticated designs. Whether you opt for a sleek gaming-oriented model with LEDs or go with a subdued modular design, mid-tower cases are the perfect addition to your setup. Plus, they’re the optimal size for most spaces!

Choosing The Best Mid-Tower Case

You will want to narrow down your options with all the choices on the market today. Let’s take a look at these major factors:

  • Your computer build
  • Compatibility with /parts
  • Design and features
  • Budget

Mid-tower cases work flawlessly with most ATX boards, you’re probably good to go on that perspective. But it is still the most important to inspect all your components to ensure that they’ll work with your desired case.

Check product listing online for exact specification, and compare those against you parts, you might what to check out great resource.

Also, keep in mind that each mid-tower case has its own style, with varying sizes and ergonomics to match. Any additional features will most definitely bump up the cost, so try to find a balance amidst fantasy machine and affordability.

Corsair Hydro X Time Lapse Build!

If you looking for an in-depth build of one of the best mid-tower cases, check out this time-lapsed build this is awesome that you can create your own powerhouse rig, as this in-depth build lays it all out for you.





As we reach our completion of this article these are some of the best mid-tower cases on the market today with convenience & performance in the design, truly, engineers are improving on the structure and design of these mid-tower cases so we recommend these mid-tower cases for you next build. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please leave a comment below thank you.


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