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Month: December 2019

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X review — New model or last years model which should i buy

Save $10-$200 On Select Gaming Desktops, Laptops And Monitors. The good news is that The Xbox One S is a Stylish looking game console that’s 40 percent smaller than the original, and ditches the nefarious gigantic power brick. It can display 4K video from streaming —services and supports HDR contrast on video, and games. The […]

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Laptops,Tablets, And Gaming PC’s — I. G. R. 20/20 Preview: Next Generation Gaming technology

  Video Preview Gaming Laptops Of 20/20 Next generation laptops and tablets move into new, experimental forms, while gaming PC’s amp up the power.   IGR is your gaming information superhighway, and 20/20 Isn’t looking too different. Besides new laptop designs, updated favorites, and more powerful gaming PCs, also we expect to see more components […]

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