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Month: July 2019

PlayStation 5 News-Finally Confirmed Game To Be Release OnThe Next-Gen Gaming Console Revealed

Save $10-$200 On Select Gaming Desktops, Laptops And Monitors. The PlayStation 5, The most awaited consoles out. Gamers along with tech researcher publicly have been talking about it even before the console was officially announced by the Japanese gaming console giant. Apart from its exclusive games, fans would like to see what the company could […]

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Xbox One S vs Xbox One X review-New model or last years model which should i buy

The good news is that The Xbox One S is a Stylish looking game console that’s 40 percent smaller than the original, and ditches the nefarious gigantic power brick. It can display 4K video from streaming services, and supports HDR contrast on video, and games. The X box S, is an up-to-date system the updated […]

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Five best external hard drives for gaming and multimedia storage – Invest in digital storage and keep your data safe

   Have you ever been so into “game-play” that you have totally hit a storage limit-wall on you hard drive? I Personally like to keep plenty of storage, and I would urge you to invest because external hard drives increase you’re gaming rig storage capacity–TRANSLATION BIGGER GAME LIBRARY– if you are like me you never […]

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Best gaming keyboards of 2019 – Performance and ergonomics by design

When it comes down to a professional gamer, or a newcomer, It’s a top priority to equipt yourself with cutting edge in technology, and design.When your keyboard is a tool for gaming. It’s crucial to a serious gamer, to be relentlessly pursuing quality, and performance in your keyboard selection.The Best Gaming Keyboards of 2019, a […]

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